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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
divorce (noun)
the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage
- separation severance divorce of the secular and the spiritual
divorce (verb)
transitive verb
a) to end marriage with (one's spouse) by divorce - she divorced her husband
b) to dissolve the marriage contract between - they were divorced last year
intransitive verb
to make or keep separate - separate divorce church from state to obtain a divorce separate
divorce (noun)
a man - divorced
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
divorce (verb)
to set or force apart
break up, decouple, disassociate, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint, dissever, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, part, ramify, resolve, sever, split, sunder, uncouple, unlink, unyoke
break down, decompose, disassemble, disintegrate, dissolve; bifurcate, bisect, cleave, dichotomize, dissect, fractionalize, fractionate, halve, partition, quarter, segment, subdivide, trisect; fragment, fragmentate, fragmentize; break, fracture, pull, rend, rift, rip, rive, rupture, tear; cut off, insulate, isolate, seclude, segregate, sequester; detach, disengage, disentangle, unravel, untie
assemble, associate, blend, combine, mingle, mix; connect, couple; accumulate, agglutinate, attach, bind, cement, close, fasten, fuse, knit, stick, weld
join, link, unify, unite
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