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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
federal (adjective)
archaic of or relating to a compact or treaty
a) formed by a compact between political units that surrender their individual sovereignty to a central authority but retain limited residuary powers of government
b) of or constituting a form of government in which power is distributed between a central authority and a number of constituent territorial units
c) of or relating to the central government of a as distinguished from the governments of the constituent units - federation
capitalized advocating or friendly to the principle of a federal government with strong centralized powers , especially of or relating to the American Federalists
often capitalized of, relating to, or loyal to the federal government or the Union armies of the United States in the American Civil War
capitalized being or belonging to a style of architecture and decoration current in the United States following the American Revolution
Federal (noun)
a supporter of the United States government in the Civil War , especially a soldier in the federal armies
- fed usually used in plural
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